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Join the Heat Pump Revolution with One of Norfolk’s Leading Ground and Air Source Heat Pump Installers!

Behind the scenes in an Art Renewables plant room. As you can see, we take pride in our work. We quality materials with a high standard of workmanship and excellent attention to detail.

The system comprises of:

All connections are made with Geberit Mapress solder free fittings. Although, more expensive than the blow torch method, they almost entirely remove the risk of leaks. As there is no time waiting for pipes to cool, our engineers can accomplish the tasks much faster, meaning the overall cost to the customer is less than the blow torch and solder method.

All floors are insulated with 150mm closed cell insulation before the underfloor heating loops were laid, then covered in 80mm screed, creating an insulated thermal store.

To find out more about our methods, get in touch – hello@artrenewables.co.uk