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Case Studies

Stuart Turner Supplies Mainsboost System to Luxury Home on Norfolk Coast

For many homes in the UK, particularly those in rural and semi-rural areas, one of the key issues day to day is the mains water pressure available to the property. Getting the water company to increase the pressure is virtually impossible so to achieve higher pressure mains water and a better flow of water in the home requires the installation of a dedicated water boosting solution.

One home that has recently taken advantage of such a system – a large residential property on the spectacular Norfolk Coast has had a Mainsboost 450 SV-2-22 system from leading pump and water boosting solutions provider Stuart Turner installed, transforming the mains supply to this five bedroom, five bathroom property.

The installation company on this project was Norwich-based Art Renewables Ltd.

Before the installation of the Mainsboost, the property had an incoming mains water pressure of 2 bar at a flow of 20 litres per minute – not a bad pressure direct from the mains, but given the number of bathrooms and size of the house, insufficient to run the house comfortably. After installation of the system, the new pressure was measured at 3 bar pressure, but at over 80 litres flow per minute, so a considerable increase in flow in particular.

The system comprised of a wall mounted direct on mains pump and two 450 litre stored water vessels, both with insulation jackets, installed in the garage.

The owner of the property is delighted with the outcome of the installation: “I am so happy my plumber suggested we install the Stuart Turner Mainsboost System. I can finally enjoy a powerful shower! It makes a huge difference to the water pressure. I would happily recommend a similar installation to anyone needing better water pressure in their home!”

All the pipework has been insulated with Armaflex tube pipe insulation lagging black foam Nitrile class 0. The installation has built-in anti-microbial protection which reduces mould and bacteria growth and a built-in vapour barrier prevents condensation.

The combination of measures to insulate the system reduces energy losses by up to 87%.

Installer Konstantinos Asvestas from Art Renewables Plumbing and Heating says: “As a plumber and heating engineer, it’s so important to be able to suggest system improvements for my customers. The Stuart Turner Mainsboost system improves the water pressure significantly and it does exactly what it says it will do! More powerful showers for my customers to enjoy! It really does the business!”

Water Treatment System STOPCOR Heater Pro 2

The water treatment system for households has been revolutionised with the introduction of STOPCOR® Heater Pro 2, the ultimate solution to corrosion and limescale. This innovative product softens and conditions hard water, addressing the root cause of plumbing and heating system problems. It uses cathodic protection without an external power source or batteries, creating an imposing current of up to -1.5V through a built-in sacrificial anode.

This method is superior to traditional water treatment products that only address the symptoms of hard water. With STOPCOR® Heater Pro 2, corrosion and limescale are reduced to the maximum, enabling all household plumbing and heating systems to function efficiently and effectively. Say goodbye to the frustration of clogged pipes and high maintenance costs with the revolutionary STOPCOR® Heater Pro 2.

STOPCOR® Heater Pro 2 is suitable for 40+ KW Boiler (3-4 Bedrooms)