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Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

How do photovolataic panels works

Quite simply, PV (or photovoltaic) panels use daylight and convert it into electricity.

Panels are made up of a number of “cells” made of a semi-conducting material, usually silicon. When photons from sunlight hit the cell, it displaces electrons, causing an electrical potential difference, and this in turn causes current to flow. This electricity is captured by metallic tabs in the cell.

Working all year round

The panels are wired together to form an “array” on the roof, and these are wired to an inverter which changes the Direct Current (DC) electricity to Alternating Current (AC), so it can be used in the building. If during the day you generate more electricity than you are using, then any excess will flow back to the grid.

PV panels work all year round during, even on dull and overcast days as they use the light from the sun rather than direct sunlight

We provide a 10 year warranty on labour, and each installation has a power output guarantee for 25 years.

The benefits of solar electricity

Newbuild projects

We welcome submission of plans or drawings for your newbuild project at an early stage in the project to give our specialists the opportunity to advise on the optimum size of system you require, and the type of panel that would best suit the location and style of roof.

We will work with your architect and project manager to recommend amendments to the property design, for example to remove obstacles that will shade the solar array thus reducing output.

We will ensure that a reasonable area on the roof has been specified as too small an array will reduce, or eliminate the opportunity to recoup your investment.

Retrofit projects

No two buildings are identical when it comes to the installation of a solar PV system. Every single one of our projects, no matter what the size, is unique. Before making any preliminary recommendations regarding product or price, we will always visit the site in order to carry out a detailed survey.

Only then will we prepare a design tailored to meet your requirements to maximise output and achieve the best possible financial return on investment. We will design a solar array that will best suit the space available and the prevailing conditions, not to mention, budget.

Should the building be undergoing extensive refurbishment, including a new roof, we may suggest tiles, slates or an in-roof system.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools have become increasingly expensive to heat and many pool owners are looking at current heating bills and wondering how they can keep them open.

We undertake full energy audit assessments to determine where the best thermal gains can be made. 

Huge savings can be made using solar thermal and hot water storage or ‘buffer’ tanks to heat the pool water 24 hours a day.

Air source heat pumps for swimming pools backed up by solar PV and battery storage can give hassle and bill free heating for 8-10 months of the year.

Hot air systems older than 10 years old can often be upgraded without replacement. 

Our commercial projects

Other PV Services We Offer

Power Diverter – divert your excess electricity production to your hot water tank via your immersion heater. You’ll need less energy from your boiler to bring the water up to a useable temperature. This can save wear and tear on the boiler.

Solar Edge certified installer –A SolarEdge installation helps reduce the effects of shading on output from the system. Retrofit to your existing PV system to reduce the effects of shaded panels.

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